This Isn’t My Fault

I have nothing to write about travel that hasn’t already been written.  Someone has already said more profound, and probably accurate, things about anywhere I have gone.  They have probably been a better traveller as well, the type that got up early, who has excellent photo filter judgment.

In fact, this exists because there was a request. Some lovely soul asked me to write about this travel that was happening a few months ago. We were drinking good coffee, I was a bit over caffeinated (it gives me a strange high, blessing and a curse), and agreeable to most suggestions.  Thank goodness it wasn’t a request to convert religiously or to get a very short haircut, this could have ended very differently. In the end, the burden is really on whoever ends up reading this unproofed mess, you have my condolences in advance.

Well, Jolene, this is all your fault.