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I was once with a friend in Fernie looking for a place to have a drink, we thought that there must have been a zombie apocalypse, we walked around for half an hour (and it’s a small town) without seeing signs of life.  Then we found what appeared to be most of the town chilling and listening to some guy play music in a gazebo, ate a pizza, and had The Best Night of the trip.  Revelstoke’s the go.


This town only has an official population of about 4,000.  Met a lot of strictly summer crew, cleaning hotel rooms and serving elderly British rail tourists lunch for a few months.  Rad little bakery and hippie food options, radder little glacial lakes.  Get a loaf of chili cheese bread and hike out for the day (mind the bears and wildlife, for real), then bourgie it up at the Fairmont JPL .  Feels remote, probably because it kind of is.   


Cluster****.  So many people, so many cameras, not enough parking, why is this so crazy, fin.


Really average until:  being able to drink on a patio with people hitting bike jumps a few meters away for your entertainment, and Peak to Peak.  A summer lift ticket seemed kind of ridiculous.  I’M ON A GONDOLA, LOOK AT ME, I’M ON A GONDOLA!  Nope, awesome.  It actually allows you to access all of the lifts in operation, and as I am a sometimes lazy mountain explorer, being whisked around on chairlifts was dreamy.