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My first thought when Washington declared marijuana legal for sale was how much more desirable Washington just became for holidays.  My second, much later thought, was Pike Place Market having a producer with a weed booth would pretty much make THAT my number one holiday destination in Washington.  My third thought, on thinking about actually putting these travel plans into action was… what about border security?

See, border security is Federal, and thus, as confirmed by a Washington immigration lawyer, they DGAF what the state of Washington is up to, the war on drugs continues.  Telling border security the plan is a visit to Mary Jane… nope.  So I’ve been compiling a list of things I would be doing in Bellingham (dude, two dispensaries) that would work well with the possibility of having a legal joint if one presented itself, and the anticipated border guard response.

  1. Eating decent Mexican food:  unless the guard is well versed in how superior Mexican food is in Washington versus immediately North… “please open your bags.”
  2. Trader Joes:  angry silence.  Guard likely to know Canadians are always down buying up all the Speculous and ruining TJ’s for local people a few days per week, those cheese loving jerks!  Likely waived through.
  3. Being Cheap: “have a nice day.”  ‘Bellingham’ is associated with paying less for something than you would two hours North.  I think the Fifth Estate covered this.  I’m not that sold (ha), as my bank card has always seemed to hurt just as much after a tour of Bellis Fair as it has after a tour of Metrotown, and no one can take away the pain of sitting in the non-Nexus customs line – even with cheap milk.

Sounds like a plan.  Report to follow.